Welcome to Melograno Wedding Lab, the space where I dedicate myself to my passions, organizing events and weddings.
I would like to have you here to get to know each other a bit in front of a coffee and understand if there is that spark between us that would lead us to work together for a super event.
But you know what I will talk about? I’ll tell you something about me, those details that come out chatting in relaxation, those things that are not usually said in official presentations but that, in my opinion, are very important to understand if there is empathy between people.

I will start with desires. I have had one for a long time: visiting New York, because I love places where things happen, ideas are born, barriers are overcome, dynamic air is breathed. While waiting to realize it, I travel as soon as I have the chance to do so. In Tuscany, where I live, in Italy or in European cities. I love to walk for entire days, letting my instinct guide me, until I come across a nice place, a curious shop or my feet hurt. When I arrive at a new place, I like to take a taxi, to spend the whole ride looking at the windows of the houses, whether at night or during the day, like a little girl who opens her eyes wide in front of the unknown. I’m curious to find out how much of the world is behind those walls. And you, what is the city of your dreams?

So, I am sure you by now understand that I’m attracted to new things and that I’m naturally curious.

Experimenting in the kitchen is an occupation that relaxes me and helps me organize my ideas. I love accompanying dishes with good red wine, and soon, I would like to attend a course for sommeliers. I go swimming whenever I can and would like to learn how to ride a horse, to discover the Tuscan countryside from a new perspective.
I love giving gifts by identifying myself with the recipient. I am crazy about perfumes, essential oils and candles, I have stacks of Italian and international furnishing magazines. My latest passion, regarding furniture, is Toile de Jouy. You know those fabrics inspired by the eighteenth century for wallpapers, curtains or clothes that represent romantic or rustic scenes drawn with a single colour? Nowadays they are back extraordinarily current, and often, when I work at my events, I visualize the protagonists of a modern Toile de Jouy, peaceful and in harmony.
The birth of this website went hand in hand with another gestation, that of my first child! During the months of expectation, I took a rest and had time to reflect on the setting I wanted to give to my profession as a wedding planner, on my dreams and ambitions.

Giulio is teaching me that in life nothing is impossible if we really believe in it and he is taking my organizational skills to a higher level. When he grows up, I will thank him for how he has pleasantly disrupted our lives.