Wedding Planner

I know, the thought of the wedding makes your heart flutter with emotion, but also with organizational anxiety. It’s a normal feeling.

I have experienced up close various weddings and I got married before myself.  If there is a desire common to all engaged couples, it is precisely to have someone by their side to delegate the arrangements from A to Z. A person dedicated to realizing their tailor-made event, able of interpreting wishes, foresee needs, and solving problems in the bud.

I can be that person, your wedding planner,
a professional and reassuring presence at all times.
Explore my style and the wedding service packages I have created for the different and various needs of couples.

Melograno Always with You (link to the section) is the complete consultation to organize your wedding day without any worries.

With Melograno A’ La Carte (link to the section) even if you have already taken a few steps alone, I will help you finish the organization of the event by dealing with the missing aspects.

For couples who want to make their wedding even more special by spending a few more days with family and friends, Melograno Italian Experience (link to the section) allows you to rely on me to organize a perfect event combined with various activities during your stay.

I have also thought of those who want an unconventional wedding and a love getaway, with the package Elopement.

And since I believe that the wedding is an emotion that begins long before the day you say “yes”, I can help you organize a fairy tale Wedding Proposal, and a Bachelorette Party to share a memorable time with your girlfriends.

Contact me to get to know me and understand if I can be the right person for you. I will give you all the important information and send you a personalized quote based on the preferences you have told me.

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