Melograno Bachelorette Party

an event only for girls in honor of the bride
If marriage is the official opportunity to celebrate a very important moment of one’s life with one’s loved ones, there is a more intimate celebration that precedes it, and that for many brides is just as important. The bachelorette party is a moment of celebration for women, bringing together the best friends and the most cherished people around the bride.

From a simple dinner with friends, the bachelorette party is conquering a larger space that requires more important organizational preparation.

Who the service is designed for

It is usually the closest friends who contact me to arrange a surprise for the birthday girl, those who know her tastes and wish to surprise her. It also happens that the bride herself asks me to organize a moment with her friends: a day, an evening or a weekend in a special location. And in such cases, with a few basic guidelines, I proceed to create an event that will remain a surprise to all. Often, for foreign couples getting married in Tuscany, the bachelorette party becomes a special moment to be experienced together with the host women, a way to discover a fascinating side of Tuscany and have a sought-after experience to remember.

How it works

First of all put the bride at the center by offering her an event in tune with her taste. And then room for fantasy: a day at a spa with dedicated treatments for all and a final pool party, a wine tasting at a winery nestled among the vineyards in Val d’Orcia, an excursion with a dedicated guide, a horseback ride with a country-chic aperitif, an afternoon of shopping in the artisan stores of Florence accompanied by the personal shopper or a dedicated image consultant and makeup artist to create new looks for all guests, ending the evening at a champagne bar.

And why not become the stars of a themed photo shoot, of which everyone will be left with a personalized scrapbook?

To take care of the organization of your bachelorette party, I will need a reference person or persons with whom to decide on the mood of the event and to whom to present my proposals for activities, locations, and arrangements. You can also give me some basic guidelines and leave me carte blanche. It will be a surprise for everyone and I guarantee you will not be disappointed!

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How long before contacting me

1-2 months’ notice is important to give us time to create a special event and to make sure locations and activities are available, but I can help you even with less notice.

Where the service is active

I work mainly in Tuscany, a region that offers so many magnificent opportunities for a bachelorette party and girlfriend weekend.

How much does it cost?

The budget depends on the type of event, the activities planned, and the vendors involved. It is impossible for me to assume a cost a priori, precisely because of the totally personalized nature of this type of service.

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