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The wedding planner for a dream wedding and an unforgettable Italian experience

If your dream is to get married in Italy, taking the unique opportunity to live, with friends and family, a holiday in the destination wedding location you have chosen, I am the professional who can help you achieve it in the best possible way. Italy is a country rich in historical and artistic attractions, and romantic atmospheres full of poetry, with an ideal climate to celebrate ceremonies and outdoor receptions, for many months of the year, and to enjoy excursions, tastings, activities and relaxation. I will not hide from you that organizing a long-distance wedding, and all the services, assistance and experiences that you want to offer your guests, involves the need to rely on suppliers who are very good at their work, but unfamiliar with the English language. You will find yourself making choices without being there in person at all times, and this situation can become a nightmare, even for the most attentive and foresighted couples. There are thousands of miles that separate you from your Italian wedding, and a different language and culture: My Melograno Italian Experience service is the bridge that will accompany you, without any problems or hindrances, to an engaging and all-encompassing experience.

To whom I recommend the Melograno Italian experience service

I created the Melograno Italian Experience service to help couples who wish to get married in Italy from all over the world at every stage of the organization, and in every choice. Not only that. I will make your stay in Italy a complete and original experience, for you and for the guests, who will face a long trip to be near you. We will take advantage of the days before and after the wedding, to create an exclusive program, carefully designed to discover the territory, its flavours, art, and Italian hospitality. You will feel involved and reassured in every step of the preparations and you will be sure to offer your guests an impeccable welcome, in tune with your personality. You will live the Italian wedding of your dreams in total serenity: a unique and romantic way to feel welcomed and pampered by the Italian way of life.

What I cannot guarantee

The Melograno Italian Experience service provides a complete and careful consultation to organize your wedding in Italy:
  • Constant communication via email, skype or telephone to keep you updated on the progress of preparations and to share choices
  • Assistance during your potential trip to Italy to visit the locations and decide the fundamental aspects of the settings
  • Creation of the moodboard that will inspire the event thanks to my attentive listening of your tastes and interpretation of the mood
  • Choice of the location, proposing various alternatives consistent with the mood of the event and your wishes
  • Drafting the budget according to your needs and requests
  • Assistance in the preparation of the documents necessary for the registration of the wedding
  • Stylistic project of the event: under my guidance we will transform your preferences into the concept that will guide the event
  • Research, selection and coordination of suppliers (catering, flowers, music, make-up artists, hair stylists, lights, photos and videos, etc.)


  • Design of the settings, involving artisans and professionals I know and trust
  • 2 or 3 on-site visits to the location of the party, to the church or the place where the ceremony will take place
  • Supervision and coordination throughout the day of the event
  • Creation of a shared folder related to the documents of the event
  • Assistance in organizing your guests’ travel and stay (hotel reservations, airport pickup and transfer service, organization of cultural visits and receptions/entertainments in the days before and after the wedding)

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Why Melograno Italian Experience is the solution for your wedding in Italy

In case of a wedding in a destination wedding abroad, the wedding planner is a key figure to ensure the perfect success of every detail, from the ceremony to the celebration, from the settings to welcoming guests. My presence, and the regular updates that I will send you, will eliminate your legitimate anxieties, and will let you approach this magical experience of the wedding in Italy in total serenity. My professional experience in marketing, event planning and my passion for travel and design, decor and fashion trends, lead me to use my taste in the events I organize and in the ideas I develop.  

I am the right person for you who want a person immersed in Italian taste and with an international approach.

In my work the cultural variable is fundamental: I listen and I am careful to learn about your culture, your aesthetic sense, and your traditions, the elements that for you are fundamental for a perfect celebration. I will be the spokesperson for your wishes to the suppliers we will involve in Italy, solving the problem of the linguistic barrier.

My guarantees to you

  • My ongoing support from beginning to end
  • My presence during the visits and on the wedding day: my “clinical eye” captures details that often escape a layman, possible problems and potential of the locations
  • The ability to always be in touch via Skype and email
  • The possibility of living the organization of your wedding abroad without stress
  • Contingency plan management: I always have at least a plan B and C
  • Qualified and trustworthy suppliers to whom I require the maximum respect of deadlines and agreements
  • Well-kept, exciting locations, in line with the mood of the event
  • An excellent knowledge of the area and the location where the wedding will be held
  • Constant monitoring of your spending budget
  • Total transparency on management and on the updates that I will provide to you
  • My passion for this job: your happiness is my greatest reward
  • My experience in organizing events, my taste, my organizational skills

What I cannot guarantee

I will not be able to opt for clear weather on the wedding day, but I will have a plan B ready in case of rain, and I will make sure that the Italian saying ” Wet bride, lucky bride” will indeed come true.

How long before the wedding you should contact me

The ideal timeframe for organizing a wedding in Italy is one year, but it becomes problematic if there are not at least 6 months of time available. Keep in mind that the most suggestive Italian destination wedding locations are the object of choice of couples from Italy and around the world, every year, and if we do not act in advance, it becomes difficult to find restaurants, hotels, and suppliers available. I suggest you to contact me as soon as you set the date of the wedding.

Where the Melograno Italian Experience service is operative

I specialize in weddings in Florence and Tuscany, the region where I live, but I can also help you in other Italian wedding locations

How much does it cost?

For each couple, I prepare a personalized quote based on an estimated number of guests, the type of wedding, the location, the need to handle events for guests before and after the day of the ceremony, and other variables. To give you an indicative reference, the Melograno Italian Experience service has a basic cost of 4,000.00 euros. To have a first exchange and understand if I can be your wedding planner, contact me by filling out the form below. I will reply within 48 hours.

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