Wedding in the Chianti

If I say Chianti, you will immediately think of a well-known wine and of the Tuscan countryside with its hills rich in farms, castles, rows of vines, olive groves and gastronomic delights.

I, who am from Florence, choose to go to Chianti when I want to spend a regenerating day out of town, discovering interesting locations for my work as a wedding planner. And, honestly, I never fail to be amazed and to discover new corners to propose to my brides and grooms.

A few kilometres from Florence, we can rediscover the charm of nature rich in scents and colours. The stone houses and the classic cypress tree that serves as a sentinel to the disused farmhouse, the expanses of vineyards, as far as the eye can see. I think of the delicious food that this land offers. It is the kingdom of the flask of wine and the farmers safeguard its history. It is an emotion to breathe the air inside the cellars of these farmhouses.

Why choose to get married in Chianti?

Chianti is in the heart of the Tuscan countryside between the provinces of Florence, Siena and Arezzo.
You will find many possibilities for a custom ceremony.
I recommend the wedding in Chianti to couples who are looking for the beauty and perfection of the Tuscan landscape, to those who love weekends in nature, outdoor sports and lunches with friends amidst authentic flavours and refined wines.
Chianti is in the imagery of Tuscany of people from all over the world and I guarantee you that it will not disappoint you, indeed you will be enchanted!
In addition to its beauty, one of the reasons to get married in Chianti is the proximity to Florence. You can easily arrive at the airport, choose whether to stay in the city or in the countryside, and then spend your wedding day in Chianti or stay a few more days. Guests will have the opportunity to visit Florence, Siena and discover different aspects of Tuscany.

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