Symbolic Ceremony

The religious and civil rites with which weddings are celebrated have the charm of being official, and for this reason, they follow precise standards.

Do you know that it is possible to give your wedding a more personal imprint by placing a symbolic ceremony alongside the religious or civil rite?  Or, alternatively, you can celebrate a symbolic ceremony separately from the official one, to live a moment with strong emotional meanings in a place you love very much.  The symbolic marriage does not have the official value of uniting the spouses with a ritual valid for the law, but it has a strong emotional value.

With a symbolic ceremony you can get married in an enchanting location, for example a panoramic hillock on a hill, a palace, the Italian-style garden of a Tuscan villa, a clearing in the mountains or even the garden of your home, and entrust the ritual to a professional celebrant, a friend or a relative. The text of the speech, the music, the poems and the symbolic rituals will be the essence of your symbolic marriage.

To whom I recommend a Symbolic Wedding

The symbolic ceremony captivates couples who like to personalize their wedding or follow a particular inspiration.

It is also an interesting solution for couples from different countries or religious beliefs, who celebrate their wedding in one country, and then repeat the symbolic ceremony with friends and relatives in the second country.

It is also a romantic way for married couples who want to reaffirm their love on the occasion of an important anniversary.

Do you want to orginize your symbolic wedding?

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How I can help you with your Symbolic Wedding

In case of a ceremony of this kind, I love to make available to you all my creativity and my knowledge of the locations in Florence and Tuscany. You will tell me about your ideas and I will help you turn them into a theme, a common thread for the ceremony. I will take care of the setting up of the place that will host the symbolic wedding, and I will propose various solutions regarding the music, lyrics and promises that you will exchange, and the celebrant (if you do not choose one of the guests).

We can identify a symbolic rite to accompany the speech. Any ideas? For example, the Celtic Hand Fasting, a ritual of coloured ribbons of Celtic inspiration, which bind the wrists of the couple, the use of candles, sand, exchange of flowers for gestures with a strong symbolic charge, or the passage of wedding rings among the guests so that they can instil their best wishes to the couple.  The emotion and intensity will be palpable.

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