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Entrust your wedding planner with the coordination of your wedding

You know when a commitment that was initially pleasant becomes bigger and bigger and absorbs all your energy, loading you with stress? We all go through it sooner or later! The important thing is to find someone who is happy (and able!) to help you and take the burden off your shoulders.

If organizing your wedding independently is becoming a tiresome task and as the date approaches you would like a competent person to whom you can entrust the final preparations, lo and behold, that person is me, your wedding planner!

I can take over the reins of your wedding party even halfway through. I will supervise all the preparations you follow, coordinate vendors, and be present on the wedding day, making sure that everything goes as planned and that any mishaps are nipped in the bud.

In order not to experience the event as an “exam” and not to regret in the future not being able to experience every moment of the celebration, knowing how to delegate is the best gift one can give oneself!!!

Who the service is designed for
Melograno Á la Carte

Melograno A’ la carte is designed for couples who wish to entrust their wedding preparations to a competent person who can you complete the organization so that everything is flawless.

I often come in contact with couples who are overjoyed to be married but crushed by the excessive weight of preparations, lack of time and the fear of forgetting some crucial detail, ruining everything. The pleasure of autonomously planning the wedding, choosing the location, menu, and style of the ceremony is in danger of turning into an unrelenting series of deadlines, things to set, check, and people to coordinate.
Before stress takes over, here’s all it takes for an “SOS wedding planner” to get me into action!


  • Religious ceremonies of any religious denomination
  • Civil ceremonies
  • Symbolic ceremonies
  • Marriage between gay couples

What is included

Melograno A’ la carte provides for my presence in the last months before the wedding
  • Initial handover meeting: you will explain to me how much you have organized up to that point and give me the contacts of the vendors involved, letting them know that I will take over the organization from you
  • Drawing up a detailed work plan to define every detail
  • Mentoring in operational decisions that are still open and intervening if there are elements that need to be strengthened or changed
  • Coordination of suppliers (catering, flowers, music, make up artist, hair stylist, lighting, photo and video etc.)
  • Live inspections at the party location, church or ceremony site
  • Supervision and coordination throughout the day of the event
  • Creation of a and shared folder related to event documents
  • Constant update on the status of the organization

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Why Melograno A’ la carte is the ideal choice for your wedding planning

Many couples like to plan their wedding and take charge of the location choices, menu, and party mood themselves. It is a time of strong complicity between the engaged couples that gives space for their dreams, for the creative side. Planning a flawless ceremony, however, includes a busy schedule of deadlines, checks and balances, which often become a heavy burden. The risk is to become overloaded with tasks and arrive at the wedding day tired, nervous, and worried that everything will run smoothly.

With Melograno A’ la carte I put my professionalism at your disposal, making sure that your personality emerges.

The guarantees of my service

  • My on going support
  • My presence during inspections and on the wedding day: my “clinical eye” catches details that often escape a layperson, any critical issues
  • The ability to always be in touch via skype and email
  • The chance to experience your wedding planning without stress
  • The management of any emergencies: I always have at least a plan B and C
  • Coordination of suppliers, from whom I ask for maximum compliance with time frames and agreements
  • Constant control of your spending budget
  • Total transparency in the management and updates I will provide you with
  • My passion for this work: your happiness is my best reward
  • My experience in organizing events, my taste, my organizational skills

How long before contacting me

In my experience, it is important that you involve me at least 3 months in advance of the wedding date. This will allow us to make a work plan and take action on any delays or oversights.

Where the service is active

I work mainly in Tuscany, the region where I live, and in major wedding locations

How much does it cost?

For each couple I prepare a customized quote that is based on estimated number of guests, type of wedding, location, need to take care of guest events before and after the day of the ceremony, and other variables. To give you an approximate reference, the Melograno A’ la carte service has a base cost of 2,400.00 euros.

To have an initial exchange and see if I can be your wedding planner, contact me by filling out the form below. I will respond within 48 hours.

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