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A wedding proposal to leave her speechless
Raise your hand if you think that a marriage proposal is something out of date.  When it comes to feelings, it is natural to have the desire to amaze our partner with a real sign of our love, especially if we want to ask her to get married!

The marriage proposal nowadays relives a moment of popularity and often fits into a special situation, a romantic and out of the ordinary frame, that the couple will love to remember forever.  As a wedding planner, I deal with the wedding in all its stages, and a marriage proposal created to astonish her, is the best way to start the countdown to the “yes”.

With my Melograno Wedding Proposal service, I can help you find the right idea, suitable for her tastes and in tune with your character, and arrange everything to make sure that the atmosphere is perfect. And as soon as she recovers from the emotion and dries some tears of joy, she’ll hug you and say, “Yes!”

To whom I recommend my Melograno Wedding Proposal service

If you believe that symbolic gestures are important to give voice to feelings, and if you are a very romantic person (admit it without blushing!) and you want to give your lady an emotional moment, a situation almost like a movie, I can help you create and organize your marriage proposal.

Even though today couples often decided to get married together in an informal way, and making a proposal for marriage seems like a superfluous gesture, it is important to celebrate the moments of passage, and organize an emotional situation in which you will officially decide to spend all your life together.

What includes

Do you prefer an unusual, funny or super romantic marriage proposal? A dinner, a trip to an unknown destination, an adventurous experience? Let’s talk about it, I have lots of ideas and I’ll help you create a moment to remember with tenderness and heart-shaped eyes!
First of all, I need to get to know you and your future wife better. What is your favourite movie? Does she have a lucky colour/object? Do you have a favourite song that is the symbol of your story? Is there a crazy experience that you dream of doing together, like parachuting? Or would you rather treat yourself to a weekend in a love nest away from it all?
I will put all my creativity into play, my romantic, ironic and organizing side, and I will suggest to you some ideas, atmospheres and locations that will be the background to the wedding proposal.
Then I will organize everything in detail: from reservations to travel arrangements, from the general mood with flowers and decorations to the background music, and I will make sure that everything flows perfectly, especially the highlight of the proposal, sealed by the ring.

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How long before the wedding you should contact me

One- or two-months’ notice are important to have the time to create a special event and to ensure the availability of locations and activities (SPA, charming hotel, excursion, etc.)

Where you can set your wedding proposal

I work mainly in Tuscany, a region that offers magnificent places and settings for wedding proposals and love retreats, but I can organize your event in the main destination wedding locations.

How much does it cost?

The quote depends on the type of wedding proposal (an evening or a weekend?), the activities planned, and the suppliers involved. It is impossible for me to predict a cost in advance, due to the fully customized nature of this type of service. Contact me, and I will create a tailored estimate based on the proposal of marriage you dream of.

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