Who I am

My name is Elena Cecconi, I created Melograno Wedding Lab after a long journey made of experiences, travels around Italy and research.

My main goal is to help you organize an important moment in your life without stress.I love creating combinations, I love colors, choosing fabrics, I enjoy scheduling and looking for picturesque landscapes and locations.

Why Pomegranate Wedding Lab

The pomegranate fruit in its simplicity hides a lot of meanings. It is a symbol of productivity and wealth, union and wholeness, and fertility.

It is an ancient fruit and has taken on a strong symbolic value in history.

In ancient Greece it was the sacred plant of Juno, the patron goddess of fruitful marriages. While at the time of the Roman Empire, brides braided pomegranate branches in their hair as a good omen and wish for fertility.

Because I

Even as a child I was enchanted to see how my mother spent the last evenings before Christmas creating centerpieces with hot wax.
I loved the smell and that expanse of flowers and candles around the house.
The same dedication that she put into making Christmas a day full of warmth and excitement is what I put into every event.Through my studies in marketing, I have had the opportunity to work in the convention, tourism and fashion industries. Different worlds that made me realize that by uniting them I could realize my dream.
Hence the desire to specialize in event planning.I have studied, specialized, and gained experience in the world of wedding planning, and my motivation is always the same: to help those who wish to carefully and thoughtfully plan an event that will leave a lasting memory and emotion.

My philosophy

I like walking the streets, observing my surroundings and nature with its colors.
I love looking for the small boutiques, the hidden ones where there is not too much light to find something precious and beautiful. On a trip to Paris I was struck to see how in the finest stores there was always soft light. I believe that beautiful things are not always in the spotlight, they have to be known how to look for….Living in Florence and having the privilege of enjoying every day the wonders that the Tuscan landscape gives you I think is a great fortune. It has helped me grow in the Beautiful!I believe in the emotions of a moment. This is the essence of my work.
I always put passion and precision into what I do.
I like movement and am bored with things that are too flat, without soul and color. A touch of whimsy is always needed!
At the same time, however, I don’t like what is too conspicuous.
Elegance and simplicity are two adjectives I really like because they are never out of place.

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