Civil Wedding

Creating a civil ceremony full of atmosphere

I can help you arrange both religious ceremonies for any denomination and civil ceremonies. Regardless of each couple’s choice in this regard, what does not change is the atmosphere of celebration and joy that I will help you create for your wedding.

Civil union is a ritual less tied to tradition and codified, official customs. This provides a great deal of freedom, and the couple can personalize the ceremony, making it evocative and charged with symbolic rites according to their own sensibilities.

At the formal level, the civil union is officiated by a civil status representative of the municipality chosen for the wedding, such as the mayor, an alderman or other delegated person. The ceremony can be hosted in the town hall, in a dedicated hall, or in other locations that municipalities make available: charming places such as villas, gardens, historic buildings, theaters. You may even decide to get married on the beach, just like in a movie! Each municipality has a list of places enabled to perform civil marriages, and I will be happy to help you find your favorite.

For whom a civil wedding is ideal

The choice between marriage by religious or civil rite is related to personal and spiritual beliefs.

The civil ceremony is often chosen by couples in which one or both spouses have a previous marriage behind them and are therefore not authorized to be married in a Catholic church ceremony, because of personal convictions they prefer to opt for a civil ceremony, or one of the spouses is not of the Christian faith.

The civil rite can also be juxtaposed with non-Catholic religious ceremonies, which will be officiated separately.

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    How can I help you personalize your civil wedding

    As you may have guessed, a civil wedding is a ceremony that, compared to a religious ceremony that adheres to official formulas and timelines, offers more freedom and, above all, a chance to bring out your personality. In addition to the ritual formula that is pronounced by the registrar, one can complete the ceremony with secular symbolic rites.

    If this solution appeals to you, I will help you create your own symbolic ritual to accompany your yes: we will identify a text in which you can find yourself, a musical accompaniment, a professional celebrant or a friend/relative who will read it. While it has no official value compared to the civil ceremony that just took place, it is a moment that adds emotion to the sober civil ceremony.

    Otherwise, planning a civil wedding is similar to a religious one, and by choosing the service of Melograno Wedding Lab that suits you best, I will accompany you to create the wedding you desire.

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