Same-sex Marriage

Same-Sex Marriages in Italy

Finally, since 2016, Italy has had a law recognising same-sex marriages. For Melograno Wedding Lab, which celebrates love without barriers, prejudices and limitations, this is a great achievement in terms of civil rights.

Italian law gives Italian and foreign gay couples the opportunity to unite in a recognized union and Tuscany is a fascinating setting that welcomes them with open arms, with endless possibilities to live the ceremony of their desires.

How I can help you with your Same-Sex Marriage

Marriage is a union of people who want to build a life together in the sign of love, regardless of sex, religious belief, or racial factors.
Melograno Wedding Lab is by the side of couples, straight or gay, to create a ceremony in tune with their taste. There are those who prefer an intimate wedding in the presence of only witnesses and a few guests, and those who want a sumptuous ceremony with all their relatives and friends. There are couples who ask to combine the civil rite with an intense symbolic rite, and foreign couples who want to live with their guests a charming holiday in Tuscany, with many experiences and convivial moments.
Often a gay couple feels the need to celebrate their love with great intensity, to reaffirm it in the face of the prejudices that they had to overcome. I will be by your side, with my wealth of ideas, organization and creativity skills. I will be attentive to your wishes to create a party tailored to your love story, a ceremony that conveys emotions, participation and authentic joy.

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